Electric scooter with adjustable handles that may better accomodate various arm positions for those with FOP.


The MetroMobility M1 Portal 4-wheel mobility scooter is one of the more portable and affordable scooters on the market that individuals with FOP may find useful for general day-to-day use if they need assistance with mobility activities but do not yet need a custom wheelchair. The adjustability of this scooter’s handles increases the likelyhood of accomodating various FOP arm positions moreso than other scooter models with fixed handles. In addition to the handles, the seat and armrests are also adjustable to various heights and/or widths, and the seat swivels for easier boarding and exiting the scooter. The M1 Portal scooter can also be quickly disassembled into four pieces for loading into a vehicle. It features a folding tiller and removeable seat so each section will fit into the trunk of a standard sized vehicle.

Where to purchase

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