Reachers help extend your arm reach when mobility is limited. They can be helpful for picking up dropped items, reaching items on a high shelf, or even used for dressing. There are many different kinds of reachers and how you plan to use them will determine which will be the best fit for you.


This reacher is a mini “heavy duty” reacher. It is designed to pick up larger and heavier items up to 3 pounds. It is more bulky than a reacher used for dressing however could still be used for this task.This reacher is shorter in length at 19 inches and has a rotating head so that the grabber portion can be rotated between horizontal and vertical. The larger handle makes this reacher easier to hold but it will require more force to close the head around an object.


Mini reachers can be great for kids who have moved beyond the toy reachers for fun and need a functional tool to pick up items or assist in the day to day independence.

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