Reaching your feet in the shower can be difficult and dangerous. Many members of the FOP community have limited motion at the waist or in the arms and shoulders. The long handle of this scrubber extends your reach and assists with cleaning feet and toes without the need to bend at the waist.


This particular foot brush has a 30-inch long handle which allows the user to scrub the feet and toes without having to bend at the waist or reach with the arms. The end of the brush has a hook to allow you to hang it on a curtain rod or hook in your bathroom.  The brush has a non-slip curved grip with an ergonomic handle to prevent slipping in the shower. It has bristles for deeper cleaning of heels and nails as well as a pumice stone to take care of dead skin cells on the bottoms of your feet. If you need assistance in the shower, this brush will help a caregiver reach your feet safely and reduce back pain which is often associated with caregiving.


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