Cell phone holders are wonderful tools which help reduce fatigue or pain from holding your cell phone during a phone call, a video call, while playing games, or watching a movie. Many different types of cell phone holders are on the market. Questions to ask yourself before purchase include:

  • Where do I want to mount my cell phone?
  • Where do I most frequently use my cell phone?
  • How is the movement in my shoulders, elbows, and neck?


This phone holder is designed to worn around the neck with a pad at the chest to improve stability and comfortability. The goose neck tubing is adjustable and can be moved in different directions. This could be a great phone holder for video calls or watching a movie. 


Members of our FOP community have reported that this style of holder can be uncomfortable around the neck due to weight of the cell phone. The chest support piece in this model should reduce discomfort.

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