Office Oasis Rollerblade Chair Wheels


Replacement wheels for office chairs that roll more easily and don’t damage floors.


Thank you to Emma Albee for this clever hack!

Emma often sits in an office chair at home instead of her wheelchair but learned the cheap plastic wheels office chairs come with don’t roll very easily and scratch the floors. She then discovered Office Oasis Rollerblade Chair Wheels which can be used as replacement wheels for office chairs and work much better!

These replacement wheels are encased with soft, smooth polyurethane making them safe to use on hardwood, tile and vinyl without leaving scratches and you won’t need an extra mat on the floor under your desk.¬† These wheels also roll more easily on carpet than the plastic wheels. The support brackets of the wheels are constructed from high-grade steel and can support up to 650 pounds when used as a set of 5. Office Oasis Rollerblade Wheels are quick and easy to install – no tools needed! The universal standard size of the stem¬† will fit most task chairs and stools. Simply pull your old wheels out and pop these in. Plus, if you’re not happy with these wheels, the company has a 110% return policy to return them for a full refund, plus an extra 10% off! No questions asked!


Emma adds that the plastic wheels often get lint, string and hair wound up in the wheel and the plastic shield that covers the wheel, but the Office Oasis wheels are less likely to get wrapped up like that. However, because the Office Oasis wheels do not have a shield covering the wheel, you may need to be more careful to not let your toes or feet get caught up in the wheel or rolled over. Emma also uses a mesh office chair in the shower instead of an expensive bath chair. However, the Office Oasis wheels have some metal parts that may erode in the shower so she is only currently using the replacement wheels on the office chair she uses around the house. Thanks again for your tips, Emma!

*Extra tip: There are other brands of “rollerblade” wheels on Amazon and other websites that are cheaper, but beware of “knock-off” brands that may look like they are made from the same materials or have universal size pegs to attach to most task chairs because that may not be the case.

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Want to see how they are installed? Check out this video!