Offset Door Hinges


Offset door hinges, also known as swing-clear hinges or wide throw hinges, are specialized hardware components designed to increase the clear opening width of a doorway by moving the door away from the door frame. These hinges are particularly useful in situations where standard door hinges would otherwise limit accessibility or hinder the movement of individuals, furniture, or equipment through the doorway. They are the perfect solution for when you are unable to make a doorway wider.

Increased Clear Opening Width: Offset door hinges allow the door to swing completely clear of the door frame, effectively increasing the usable width of the doorway. This additional clearance is especially beneficial for individuals using mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, as well as for moving bulky items or furniture through the doorway.

Improved Accessibility: By maximizing the clear opening width of the doorway, offset hinges enhance accessibility for people in wheelchairs or who use walkers.

Accommodation of Wheelchair Turning Space: In spaces where wheelchair turning space is limited, offset hinges can help optimize the layout by providing extra clearance for wheelchair users to maneuver within the room.

Versatility: Offset door hinges are available in various sizes, configurations, and weight capacities to accommodate different door sizes, weights, and applications. They can be used on interior and exterior doors, as well as on residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.

Easy Installation: Like standard door hinges, offset hinges are installed using typical hinge installation methods and hardware. Once installed, the door swings freely on the offset hinges, providing the desired clearance without interfering with the door frame or surrounding walls.

Compatibility with Existing Door Frames: Offset hinges are designed to be compatible with most standard door frames and can typically be installed without the need for extensive modifications or alterations to the existing door or frame.


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