The Orbiter™ by Kalogon is a smart cushion that relieves pressure based on your specific needs.


A properly fitted cushion that works for you can be the difference between living an active life and constantly battling pressure sores and related health issues. Most cushions consist of layers of foam, gel, or air cells, or a combination of those materials. However, this new cushion from Kalogon takes it one step further and connects to a smartphone app that allows the user to adjust the air pressure in a personalized way for maximum pressure relief and comfort for their specific body. The Orbiter™ is a smart cushion that uses AI and patent-pending air cell technology to analyze real-time pressure data and intelligently adapt to what you need. The app comes preloaded with four presets for different needs, or you can add up to eight customized presets that can be changed quickly (for example, making the cushion firmer for easier transfers). Each air bladder inside the cushion can be set individually through the app, which may help people with FOP who have specific areas of bone growth on the back of their thighs that need extra pressure relief. In addition to customized positions, you can set the cushion to redistribute pressure in two-, three- or five-minute intervals to improve blood flow and help reduce the risk of pressure injuries.


Because Kalogon custom-makes the Orbiter™ for each customer, they are very pricey. However, they are currently going through the process for Medicare approval and have had some funding success with certain private insurances. This is a cushion to keep your eye on if you are needing more advance pressure relief in the future as the company continues to work on approving more funding partners.

Kalogon IS able to ship internationally, but the cost of international shipping will make the product even more expensive. Plus, individuals wanting this seating system will have to have a clinician that can work with the Kalogon team to make sure the appropriate customization can be achieved.

Where to purchase

Kalogon website - Orbiter™ cushion system