Peak Flow Meters


A Peak Flow Meter is a device that can potentially increase respiratory health (when used regularly) by strengthening and improving lung capacity.


A peak flow meter (PFM) is a device used to measure air flowing out of the lungs, called peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR). When used correctly, a peak flow meter can reveal narrowing of the airways before symptoms appear. These devices can also be used to perform breathing exercises in an attempt to improve lung capacity and overall respiratory health.

Peak Flow Meters can be basic or advanced. No matter the price point, the device will still be a great tool for breathing exercises. More advanced meters will connect to your smart phone and track your breathing data. Peak Flow Meters can be purchased online, found in medical supply stores, pharmacies, and in doctors offices.


View other exercises for lung health, as well as printed instructions for using an incentive spirometer or peak-flow whistle on the IFOPA website here!

Where to purchase

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Special thanks for Marie and Hugo for sharing Hugo using his peak flow meter