Permobil Upper Extremity Support with Joystick Cutout


The Permobil Joystick Cutout Upper Extremity Support is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the functionality and usability of Permobil power wheelchairs. This support system provides a stable and comfortable platform for users to rest their arms while operating the wheelchair joystick, offering improved control and reducing fatigue during extended use.


The Joystick Cutout Upper Extremity support is available in two sizes, 16” wide and 18” wide. This tray is large enough for writing, reading, eating or feeding, can easily support a tablet, phone, communication device or ECU control. The cutout design of the support allows users to comfortably position their arms closer to the joystick, promoting better reach and control. It features adjustable height and angle settings to accommodate individual preferences and needs, ensuring optimal positioning for each user.


You must have an arm pad of at least 16” to ensure stability.

Please Note: There is no angle adjustment for tablet/laptop viewing and no pencil guard (both common features on other wheelchair trays. Am after market attachment could likely be added.

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