Portable urinals offer an alternative option when using the toilet becomes unmanageable.


Portable urinals are devices that allow the user to either urinate into the toilet bowl more easily or urinate into a completely separate container if using the toilet is not an option. While this may be easier for a male, there are now more female options on the market with improved designs.

The pink model shown here (by Sunany) is a flexible silicone material making it soft, lightweight, foldable and compact.  The spout allows it to drain into a toilet bowl or other container, but these can be tricky to get a leak-free seal because they are so flexible.

The Tinkle Belle (black and green) is specifically designed with a hard shell portion (the green section) that is designed to fit the female’s anatomical shape for a better seal against the body with built-in thumb rests to ensure proper placement.  There is also a soft “squeegee” lip to help remove any remaining drops of urine.  The black funnel portion is 9 inches, which is one of the longest spouts to help prevent urine from getting on the body, but is also folds up to be more compact for storage. 

The purple urinal with the handle might be an option for those who have difficulty holding the smaller funnels with their hands.  This “pitcher-shaped” urinal is also an option to use bedside at nighttime or when FOP mobility limitations makes it more difficult to get into the bathroom.

Believe it or not, there are also glow-in-the-dark urinals for use at night and might be especially helpful for children or for safety when it is too difficult to get out of bed.