Adjustable bed that rotates and assists to standing.


Pottery Barn has created a line of accessible furniture which includes this fully adjustable Independence® bed that can assist the user up to a standing position. This sleep system is designed to blend in with your bedroom decor and is equipped with a memory foam mattress and metal bed frame. The mattress head and feet can raise and lower as well rotate 90 degrees to either side and automatically lift you up and forward to assist with standing. The adjustable side arms can be raised or lowered to give you additional support. The hand remote is tethered by a cord with oversized function keys for ease of use. This bed is also equipped with two USB power outlets and motion sensing under-bed LED lighting. Limited warranty includes: 2 year period for labor, 2 year period for all components, 10 year period for bed frame and 10 year warranty period for foam mattress.

Where to purchase

Pottery Barn website - The Independence® bed