Red Bleeding Gums


Red, inflamed or bleeding gums are a sign of oral disease and requires immediate attention by a dental professional.


Bleeding gums are NEVER normal. Whether your gums are red and inflammed or produce small amounts of blood when brushing or flossing, these are all signs of gum disease and should be treated by your dentist immediately. There are a few things you can do at home if you are unable to see your dentist immediately, but these home interventions are only to be used temporarily until you can be seen in your dentist’s office. Here are a few things you can do at home:

  • Take extra care to thoroughly brush and floss at home to make sure you are removing all of the plaque that can cause irritation and inflammation at the gumline.
  • A mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda can be placed on the toothbrush to brush over the teeth and gums to reduce swelling of the gums.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide rinses: use 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1/4 cup water as a mouth rinse to reduce overall swelling (DO NOT SWALLOW).


Watch this video for additional signs and symptoms of gum disease and to review the remedies that can be tried at home:


Don’t forget, with FOP you are at higher risk for oral disease and you should try to visit your dentist every 3 months if possible!

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