Bidets gently cleanse sensitive areas to prevent skin irritation and reduce the risk of infection. Bidets can be more comfortable then using toilet paper and are an easier way to clean up for people with limited mobility. There are three main types of bidets on the market. Toilet mount bidets are a semi-permanent and install directly onto the toilet seat. Toilet mount bidets with a hand held hose are a semi-permanent option that give the user control over the water spray. This can be helpful for individuals with FOP who cannot sit all the way down or for caregivers. Portable bidets are a hand held option for those who cannot install a bidet due or need to have access while in multiple locations.

Things to consider when choosing a bidet:

  • Do I have access to the waterline? Toilet mount bidets need access to the waterline that goes into the toilet.
  • Can I make modifications to my toilet? Toilet mount bidets are screwed into the toilet and often require the removal of the toilet seat lid.
  • How is my arm and hip mobility? Are you able to reach the buttons on the toilet mount bidet once installed? If hip movement is a limited and you are unable to sit all the way down on the toilet, the sprayers in a traditional toilet mount bidet might not reach the right spot.
  • What is the size/shape of my toilet bowl? Toilets come in many different shapes and sizes. Make sure to measure yours before selecting a bidet.


Toilet mount bidets attach to the toilet bowl in a semi-permanent fashion by removing the toilet seat. The bidet must be connected to the water source of your toilet via the T-valve.  Traditional toilet mount bidets operate with a control dial on the side of the toilet. If you are unable to reach the control dial, a remote control version may be the best option for you.  The remote turns the water spray on and off as well as controls the water flow. This option is usually more expensive than a traditional bidet.


Make sure to check your toilet bowl shape and pick a bidet that will fit!

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