Rolling backpacks can be used as a way to more safely carry books and supplies.


Rolling backpacks are a tool that any child, teenager or young adult with FOP might find useful while at school or college. Carrying a heavy book bag can be painful, take a toll on endurance and potentially cause a flare for those with FOP. To make matters worse, most kids and teens tend to carry backpacks on one shoulder using only one strap which puts an uneven strain on one side of the body. An easy way to take the stress off of the neck and shoulders is to replace your child’s standard backpack with a rolling backpack. Rolling backpacks are more popular these days and can be found on most websites where backpacks are sold. This is an easy modification that can make a big difference!


Amazon has a large selection of rolling backpacks for all ages, but there are other sites that commonly have them as well. In the U.S., stores such as Target, Walmart, J.C. Penny’s, L.L. Bean, Land’s End, High Sierra and Office Depot are just a few who tend to carry rolling backpacks in various styles, patterns and colors.

If you have other websites, or international websites to add to this list, send them in to melissa.davis@ifopa.org!