Sammons Preston Bendable Sponge


Tool that can extend your reach while bathing or showering.


Showering tools can be used to help extend your reach if arm mobility is limited.  There are numerous styles on the internet so be sure to do a search to find one that meets your specific FOP needs. We have tried to include multiple styles in this Guidebook. This sponge tool by Sammons Preston has a long handle that allows users to manually bend and straighten it multiple times to aid in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.


The sponge on this tool is NOT replaceable, and many reviews say that the sponge detaches from the handle with exessive pressure or use.

Reviews also report that the handle does not bend as easily as advertised and does not hold it’s shape very well.

Make sure to read reviews when deciding on a tool, but also remember that reviews are very subjective and a tool may work really well for one person and poorly for another.

Where to purchase

U.S. Amazon Smile - by Sammons Preston