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Shower Scrubbers

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Tools that can extend your reach while bathing or showering.


Showering tools can be used to help extend your reach while showering if arm mobility is limited.  There are numerous styles on the internet so be sure to do a search to find one that meets your specific FOP needs.  There are silicone brushes with long handles, silicone straps that have two sets of bristles (extra soft of one side and coarser bristles on the other for deep cleaning), brushes with attachments for sponges and pumice stones, and brushes that either have your choice of angles or have a bendable handle to fit the angle you need.  We also included a picture of a hair washer (by Etac) that has special massaging bumps to help lather shampoo and massage the scalp.


Silicone scrub brushes are more hygienic and durable than bristle brushes, loofahs and towels.  They are also easier to sterilize to prevent transferring bacteria to the skin.  Also note, the Sammons Preston bendable handle sponge does not always keep it’s shape and may need to be heated to bend it to the desired angle in order to make the handle stay more permanently.

How to make

It is not always necessary to purchase items such as these shower scrubbers.  Often times a similar tool can be made with common items found at most discount stores.  For example, here is a shower scrubber made from a kitchen cleaning sponge that has been attached to a plastic coat hanger with duct tape (the hanger hook was removed).  The coat hanger provides a nice angle to get at harder to reach areas, and this coat hanger was free by simply asking a clothing store to donate a hanger!


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