Tub Transfer Benches (sometimes called Extended Tub Benches) allow user to safely use a tub/shower combination. The design allows for the bench to sit over the side of the tub wall eliminating the need to step over the edge. The bench also gives a safe place to sit in a tub/shower combination while bathing. Sliding Tub Transfer benches have a moveable seat which help users who may not be able to slide their own body across the bench.


ShowerGlyde is a sliding transfer bench designed to fit in tighter environments or bathrooms with a vanity adjacent to the tub. Shorter rails and a swivel option allow the chair to clear the obstruction/tight space without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. ShowerGlyde slides easily in and out of the tub and locks in two points; on the inside and outside of the tub. SG3 can be assembled as a left or right-hand unit. One grab bar installed at the wall-side of the rails is included for support in sliding. ShowerGlyde is height adjustable allowing clearance of up to a 19” tub. Optional extension legs are available for taller tub lips (up to 25”). SG3 comes standard with a seatbelt and a seat with 3 options; an open commode seat for easy washing, a splatter guard, and a solid seat insert.


ShowerGlyde is only one brand/example of a sliding tub transfer bench. Other models can be bought on Amazon or through medical supply stores.

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