Silicone Scrubbing Straps


Tools that can help scrub hard-to-reach areas while bathing or showering.


Showering tools can be used to help clean hard-to-reach areas of the body while showering when arm mobility is limited. There are numerous styles on the internet so be sure to do a search to find one that meets your specific FOP needs. We have tried to include multiple styles in this Guidebook. This particular tool is a silicone “strap” that is intended to be used to scrub the back and other hard-to-reach areas. While this tool does require arm mobility to use it as shown, other tools (such as hemostat scissors) could be used to grasp the handles and manipulate the strap. The strap could potentially also be attached to the shower wall with strong hooks or suction cups or be placed on the floor to scrub the feet.

Where to purchase

U.S. Amazon Smile - 31.5 in (80 cm) long
U.S. Amazon Smile - 34.5 in (87 cm) long
U.S. Amazon Smile - 35.4 in (89.9 cm) long