Slant boards are tools that individuals with FOP may find useful at all ages whether used at home, school or at the office. There are numerous varieties of slant boards made from different materials such as plastic, thick cardboard, acrylic or wood. There are also numerous features that different slant boards may have such as clips to hold papers in place, designs that fold and secure in place with velcro, legs that fold flat for easier storing and transporting, slant boards with magnetic surfaces and slant boards with “whiteboard” surfaces that accommodate drawing and writing with dry-erase markers.


Slanted tool for desktops that elevates papers for easier viewing and more comfortable writing. Slated at a 20 degree angle. This slate board comes with a clip at the top so that you can clip papers or books securely. It does not come apart to fit into a backpack however will be lighter in weight than a wooden slate board.


If you find a slant board you like but it doesn’t come with clips to hold paper in place, consider using a silicone placemat or a product like Dycem to hold paper in place. You may also be able to find rubber shelf-liner paper that is smooth *(just make sure the surface is smooth and not textured or it will be difficult to write on paper that is laying on top of a textured non-slip product).

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