Slant boards are tools that individuals with FOP may find useful at all ages whether used at home, school or at the office. There are numerous varieties of slant boards made from different materials such as plastic, thick cardboard, acrylic or wood. There are also numerous features that different slant boards may have such as clips to hold papers in place, designs that fold and secure in place with velcro, legs that fold flat for easier storing and transporting, slant boards with magnetic surfaces and slant boards with “whiteboard” surfaces that accommodate drawing and writing with dry-erase markers.


This wooden slant board elevates papers for easier viewing and more comfortable writing. It can also hold a book or laptop. It is sloped at 20 degrees with rubber edging at the bottom to keep paper from sliding off. Breaks down into two pieces so that it can fit in a backpack. Rubber feet prevent slate board from moving.


When looking for a slant board for your personal use, consider which of these features are most important, such as using a lightweight, foldable slant board at school for easier storing in a desk or transporting in a backpack. A slant board made from wood may be a more sturdy and durable choice for home if it doesn’t need to be frequently moved or put away. Make sure to shop around to see all of your options.

How to make

A wooden slant board may be easy to make if you have the materials. This would be beneficial to customize the slant angle to your personal restrictions.

Where to purchase

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Thanks to Isla’s mom Nicky for sending in this photo of the slant board in use.