Slide sheets are slippery pieces of fabric that can help you slide and move around in bed more easily.


Slide sheets are slippery pieces of fabric placed between the body and the mattress to help with changing positions in bed. There are many different types of slide sheets on the internet, but the Snoozle is a particular brand that uses a special tubular 4-way slide sheet design.  Simply place the flat, tubular sheet under your hips and torso on top of your regular bed sheets. When attempting to shift and turn in bed, your hips and back “glide” with the help of the tubular Snoozle sheet when the tube slides between it’s 2 layers without resistance or friction.  The inside of the Snoozle tube is a slippery texture while the outside feels similar to bed sheets.  Slide sheets are easily portable to take with you on your travels and are washable.  The Snoozle is approximately 28 inches by 30 inches.


Not all slide sheets on the internet have the Snoozle’s “4-way” slide feature.  Some slide sheets are a similar tubular design but are only a 2-way slide.  If you purchase a 2-way slide sheet, the sheet should be placed with the open ends at the top and bottom if you wish to slide side to side.  Conversely, position 2-way slide sheets with the open ends to the left and right if you wish to slide up towards the head of the bed or down towards the foot of the bed more easily (as shown in the photos).

How to make

If you have basic sewing skills, you can probably make your own 2-way slide sheet at home.  Simply purchase a large piece of slippery fabric such as satin, sew the ends together to make a large tube, and then hem both of the edges on the open ends to finish them and prevent fraying of the fabric.

Where to purchase

Snoozle UK website - Snoozle Slide Sheet
Amazon Smile - 2-way Slide Sheet