Adjustable crutch for balance assistance that may work better for those with FOP and fixed arms positions.


The SmartCRUTCH™ is a fully adjustable forearm crutch that may better meet the comfort and mobility needs of someone with FOP who still wishes to walk shorter distances but needs balance support. The SmartCRUTCH™ patented design distributes your body weight over your forearms, releasing pressure from your hands, wrists and shoulders. The ability to change the length and angle of the forearm platform allows for variation and customization which makes them more likely to accomodate different arm positions that may be present with FOP compared to standard non-adjustable forearm crutches. This can help with a safer and more efficient experience when walking and reduce fatigue. The hand grips are offset 7° to ensure stability and comfort and they are specifically designed as left and right grips. The hourglass-shaped foot maximizes surface contact with the floor for better stability. There are both pediatric and adult SmartCRUTCH™ sizes that each have multiple height adjustments, and there are numerous colors, specialty designs and accessories for further customization.

SmartCRUTCH™ ships around the world and has links on their website for worldwide locations, but you may also be able to find SmartCRUTCH™ sold through various vendors and medical suppliers, so be sure to Google SmartCRUTCH™ to find various places to purchase in your country.

Check out this news story about SmartCRUTCH donating to children with disabilities in South Africa!


To determine what SmartCRUTCH™ size will fit you best you will need to know your height, your forearm circumference measured at the widest part of your forearm, and your inner forearm length measured from the crease of your wrist to the fold of your elbow. Use the website’s sizing guide as a reference when helping you determine the correct size, and if your measurements do not correspond with a particular size, SmartCRUTCH™ encourages you to contact them for assistance.

Where to purchase

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Watch this demonstration of the SmartCRUTCH features: