Long-handled device that helps pull your sock on without needing to lift your leg or bend over at the waist.


The Sock Ox is an assistive device that can help individuals put on their socks independently, sometimes referred to as “sock donners”. Ability Toolbox likes this particular sock donner the most for a few reasons:

  • The Sock Ox has the ability to hold the sock more securely while pulling it into place. Most other sock donners do not have a place to fold the top of the sock over to secure it more firmly in place. This can cause the sock to slip off the device before you have pulled it up to the desired height on your leg.
  • The Sock Ox has a rigid handle compared to flexible strap handles of other sock donners which gives the user more control.
  • The Sock Ox can come apart into pieces to customize the length you need. This also makes it easier to store or to take with you when traveling. It can extend up to 36 inches in length, and the top handle piece doubles as a shoe horn and sock remover.
  • Lastly, by only needing to fold the top of the sock over onto the two rubber flaps, the entire sock does not have to be stretched over a tube and is less likely to be overstretched and loose elasticity.


This sock donner is not designed to be used with compression socks.

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