Protective helmets for children to prevent against head injury during falls.


Thank you to FOP community member Ramona, from Germany, for sharing this resource available in Europe!

Starlight® helmets are available to medical suppliers in Europe to order for their clients. They have various types of medical and adaptive equipment along with the Starlight® helmet line of protective helmets. The Stalight® helmets come in a variety of styles, levels of protection and customizeable features such as different chin straps. These helmets are not directly sold to individuals but can be ordered by therapists, clinics or medical suppliers.

Ramona was able to order her son’s Starlight® helmet in Germany through  www.mediteam.de/.


Helmets can add a level of protection to the head during falls since many children with FOP have limited shoulder or arm mobility and may not be able to use their hands to break a fall. Speak with your physician, therapist or local medial supplier to see if they can order the Starlight® helmet series in your country.

Where to purchase

ATO FORM website - in ENGLISH
ATO FORM website - in DUTCH
ATO FORM website - in GERMAN

Download the Starlight® helmet catalog here:

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   in Dutch

   in German