Getting into and out of the tub can be difficult and dangerous. If you live in a home with only a tub and cannot do a remodel, a tub step can be a good addition to improve safety and access.


The Step2tub step stool is a piece of adaptive bathroom equipment for users with limited mobility. The stool offers versatile leg and grab bar height adjustments allowing users to customize their bathroom step stool to fit their specific needs and further reduce the risk of falls. The extra wide step stool features a reinforced steel base and handles, and a 12.5” x 11” non slip step with a 300 lb weight capacity. The step height adjusts from 8”-10”. The Step2tub uses a dual clamp system to keep the stool firmly in place with a strong locking mechanism while users enter and exit the bathtub. The Step2tub requires no tools to assemble and It fits most size tubs. It also detaches from clamps when not in use to save safe in the bathroom.


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