Long-handled brush to help scrub hard-to-reach areas when arm mobility is limited.


FOP community member Steve Eichner shared this brush he found at Home Depot (large hardware store chain in the U.S.), proving that you never know where you might find an item that can help assist you with daily routines. This brush has a 20-inch long, sturdy handle and softer bristles treated with Microban which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. This brush is intended to be used for cleaning around the house, but Steve saw the potential to also use this tool for showering.


If you find a brush such as this that is not originally intended to be used on the body, please make sure the bristles are extremely soft and not abrasive on your skin.  Using a brush with bristles that are too harsh can put you at risk of damaging your skin and developing infection. Also, don’t forget to periodically CLEAN your tools so you are not transferring bacteria to the surface of your skin when using them.

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