Extended length and width straws can assist with drinking from a cup when arm and neck mobility is limited.


Drinking from a cup with a straw eliminates the need to tilt the head back or having to lift the cup up to the mouth.  There are also specialty straws that can be especially helpful when living with FOP.  For example, extra wide straws can allow thicker liquids or pureed foods to pass through a straw for someone who needs a pureed diet due to jaw ankylosis.  Extra long straws are also important for reaching the mouth if the arms are fused and can’t raise a cup at all.  Straws that have bendable sections can also be positioned at just the right angle to reach your mouth.


Consider the environment when purchasing straws and choose reusable straws when possible.

How to make

Can’t find a straw long enough for your individual needs?  Surgical tubing or clear tubing from a hardware store works just a well!  Clear tubing is usually found in the plumbing section and comes in different widths.  Also, if purchasing tubing from a hardware store instead of online, you can usually buy by the foot rather than having to purchase an entire roll.