Grab bars provide something to hold onto for added balance and safety.


Grab bars are a home modification that can be made to provide additional support when transferring in and out of the shower, bathtub, and toilet.  Grab bars should be permanently installed into the support beams behind the wall for the safest solution.  Also, if grab bars are installed vertically, then they have the chance of still providing support even if someone’s reach becomes more limited as FOP progresses.  The Mobeli QuattroPower adjustable angle grab bars are a great temporary solution if you are having active flares and the angle of your joints or your level of mobility is changing.  These adjustable bars can be customized to give you a grab bar location and angle exactly where it’s needed. However, they should be inspected and periodically re-installed to ensure they are safely secured onto the wall since they use suction instead of permanent installation.  There are also “flip-up” models of grab bars that can be flipped up out of the way when they are not being used.  These are especially useful on either side of the toilet.  Smaller suction cup grab bars are an option for a bit of extra support in and near the shower temporarily until permanent grab bars can be installed.  These small suction cup bars are also convenient if you are traveling and there will not be permanently installed grab bars for you to use.


The safest solution is permanent installation of a grab bars into support beams behind the wall. Please note: the smaller suction cup grab bar models are NOT intended to hold your full body weight and they need to be reattached before each use to make sure they are secure!  Suction cup and temporary grab bars must also be applied to smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces, cannot cover grout lines and will not work on textured surfaces.