Fully-adjustable bed and mattress to accomodate numerous FOP positions.


The Supernal 5 by Transfer Master™ is an adjustable bed that provides all the functions of a hospital bed with an elegant look that blends in with any bedroom decor. A hi-low bed that can be adjusted from head to toe, and includes Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustability, the Supernal 5 is designed to hide all of its electric components which allows the bed to look like a regular modern bed rather than a hospital bed. The hi-low feature makes for easier transfers in and out of the bed and lessens the burden on a caregiver. Available in Twin (38″ x 80″), Full (53″ x 80″), Queen (60″ x 80″) and Dual King.

The Supernal 5 comes with two mattress options:

  • Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress: the Ascent is a firm hospital bed mattress made with state-of-the art progressive laminated foams to provide a healthy skin environment. The edges of the mattress are extra firm to prevent users slipping off the mattress. The mattress is designed with sleep technologies that promote excellent comfort and healthy bedding solutions.
  • Soft Touch Memory Foam Mattress: the Soft Touch mattress has a core made of cool, form-fitting memory foam that conforms to the shape of the person who is using it. The edges of the mattress are extra firm to prevent users slipping off the mattress. Memory foam users credit a better night’s rest to the absolute comfort of the soft memory foam.

The Supernal 5 also comes with two mattress cover options:

  • Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover: this cover provides a comfortable and fresh sleeping environment with a soft, luster, and silky feel. This cover has natural properties from the bamboo content and is anti-bacterial, deodorizing and breathable. There is also Joma wool filling, which absorbs and causes moisture to evaporate for maximum comfort.
  • Stretch Fabric Cover: this option has a unique, waterproof cover that feels soft, just like fabric. It can be cleaned with household cleaners and is also approved for FDA-grade cleaners.

Where to purchase

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