THINX (and other brands) make period and incontinence underwear designed to be absorbent and reusable. This can be very helpful when FOP makes it difficult to use a tampon/pad or get to the bathroom quickly.


THINX comes in two different styles: Incontinence and period. They also have a variety of sizes ranging from teen to plus size. They can be machine washed after use in cold water and will best be hang dried.


THINX incontinence underwear can absorb up to 6 tablespoons of liquid. THINX period under comes in a variety of styles ranging from light to super. The light is designed to hold one tampons worth of flow while the super can hold up to five, Both kinds of underwear contain oder control Depending on your flow, you may also still need to wear additional protection like a tampon or pad on heavy days.

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