Threshold ramps offer several benefits for wheelchair users and those with poor balance or limited leg mobility, enhancing accessibility and mobility in both residential and commercial settings.


Threshold ramps are small ramps which are designed to eliminate small steps or transitions caused by doorways, curbs, or a small step. They are much smaller than a traditional wheelchair ramp and can benefit non wheelchair uses by reducing fall risk.

Smooth Transition: Threshold ramps provide a smooth transition over raised thresholds, doorways, or uneven surfaces, eliminating the need for wheelchair users to navigate over obstacles that could potentially cause discomfort or difficulty.

Accessibility: By eliminating barriers such as raised door thresholds or steps, threshold ramps make spaces more accessible for wheelchair users and those with poor balance or limited leg mobility, allowing them to enter and exit buildings or rooms with greater ease and independence.

Safety: Threshold ramps reduce the risk of tripping or falling when transitioning between different floor levels or surfaces, promoting safety and minimizing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.

Versatility: Threshold ramps come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate different types of thresholds and doorways, making them a versatile solution for improving accessibility in a wide range of settings.

Temporary or Permanent Use: Threshold ramps can be installed temporarily using portable or modular ramp systems, making them ideal for temporary events or situations where a permanent ramp installation may not be feasible or necessary.

Cost-Effective: Threshold ramps are often more cost-effective than larger permanent ramp installations, providing a practical and affordable solution for improving accessibility in residential homes, businesses, or public buildings.

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Threshold ramps can be purchased online or at medical supply stores. Some people may be able to get a ramp covered by their health insurance with the help of a doctor. Amazon links above show general examples and ideas. The type of ramp you need will be very specific to your particular living environment.