Total Body Boppy™ Pillow


Body pillow that provides support and more comfortable positioning.


Bobby™ pillows are a brand of pillows that were origianlly created as positioning pillows to help support infants in various positions on the floor or while breastfeeding.

Boppy™ has now expanded their pillow products to adult sizes to help with adult positioning and comfort. Even though these adult pillows are marketed to pregnant women, they may also be useful for individuals with FOP for positioning support and comfort.

There are many full-body support and alignment pillows that come in various shapes. Some are straight, some are shaped like a “U”, some are shaped like a “C” and others have unique curves, shapes and sizes. Most total-body pillows come with a removeable cover that is machine washable.

Thank you to FOP community member Carli Henrotay for suggesting this positioning pillow!


Carli suggests looking for total-body pillows that are for sale “gently-used” on websites like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. Many pregnant women buy these pillows but then no longer want them after their baby is born. Carli found a pillow similar to the one shown for only $10 USD!

How to make

Body pillows of any shape or size could also be custom-made, even if you only have basic sewing skills. The only supplies needed are a sewing machine, cotton fabric and polyester filling, plus a needle and thread to stich the pillow closed after stuffing it. There are tutorials on YouTube with downloadable patterns and instructions, or you can design your own pattern based on the shape of pillow you need!

Where to purchase

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