Two-wheeled walkers, also known as front-wheeled walkers or front-wheel walkers, are mobility aids designed to assist individuals with walking difficulties. They are similar to standard walkers but are equipped with two wheels on the front legs instead of four legs. The two wheels make it easier to use than a standard walker but safer than a four wheeled walker which tends to be less stable. Two wheeled walkers are inexpensive and ideal for use in the home or short periods of time. Many version fold which make them easy to store to take for travel.


Here are the key components and features of two-wheeled walkers:

Frame: The frame of a two-wheeled walker is typically made of lightweight aluminum or steel tubing, providing stability and support while remaining easy to maneuver. Some models feature a folding mechanism for convenient storage and transportation.

Wheels: Two-wheeled walkers have two small wheels attached to the front legs, which provide improved mobility and maneuverability compared to traditional walkers. These wheels make it easier for the user to move the walker forward without lifting it entirely off the ground.

Handgrips: Handgrips are positioned at the top of the walker frame and provide a comfortable and secure grip for the user. Some models may have padded handgrips to reduce pressure on the hands and improve comfort during extended use.

Height Adjustment: Many two-wheeled walkers have adjustable height settings to accommodate users of different heights and ensure proper posture while walking. The height adjustment mechanism may involve push buttons or locking pins that allow the legs of the walker to be adjusted to the desired height.

Accessories: Various accessories can be added to two-wheeled walkers to enhance functionality and meet specific needs. These may include baskets, pouches, or trays for carrying personal belongings or other items while walking.

Portability: Two-wheeled walkers are generally lightweight and easy to transport, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Some models can be folded compactly for storage or travel.


Tennis Balls can be placed on the back legs to improve glide and protect your floors. Safely use a shape knife to cut an X into the tennis ball and slide onto the walker.

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