This shaving tool extends the reach and angle for shaving if arm or trunk mobility is limited. One benefit to this brand is that the handle is bendable and can be bent to whatever angle is needed. It can be used for legs to avoid bending at the waist or for the if shoulder mobility is difficult.


The UltraFlexx razor extension adds 18 inches in length to your reach eliminating the need to bend at the waist while shaving. This device uses a velcro strap to secure the razor to the stick, because of this it can be used for other tasks if you wanted to attach a makeup brush or tooth brush to the end. The bendable handle allows to move the 

There are also other brands of razor extension handles on the internet, so do a search and find one that meets your needs.

How to make

Consider making your own by duct-taping a razor to a long ruler, dowel rod or stick.  You could also glue a razor to into the end of PVC pipe using epoxy, just make sure you use the type of razor that has replaceable heads when you need a new blade!