Shower chairs allow individuals with limited mobility, endurance and balance to safely sit in the shower while bathing and reduce the risk of falls.


Shower chairs are a way for individuals with FOP to reduce the risk of falls in the shower, allow for a little more independence, and help make showering more comfortable and relaxing. This particular chair is an example of a very basic shower chair. There are many brands of shower chairs that have very similar features and it is important to shop around for the features you need. This specific chair has adjustable legs, padded arms and a removeable back to allow for basic customization based on specific preferences. However, other chairs that are more expensive may have better features that are more desireable for someone with FOP, such as a reclining back or an adjustable seat angle. This chair is made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum and the frame’s weight capacity is 350 pounds. The arms are also removeable to make transferring to the chair easier.

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Amazon Smile - Vaunn Shower Chair