Wheelchair Rain and Winter Gear


Rain and winter gear that provides greater coverage for use while in a wheelchair.


Wheelchair rain gear and winter wear is longer in length to fit over the lap of the individual when seated in a wheelchair.  Wheelchair rain gear is often a poncho style which is easier to put on with FOP mobility restrictions.  Some ponchos are lined with fleece making them an option for use in the winter for protection from the cold and snow.  There are also protective leg blankets for rain and snow, as well as full body coats for cold winter temperatures.


Fashionable rain ponchos are usually quite expensive.  Shop for inexpensive bicycle ponchos on Amazon and look for ponchos that have reflective tape incorporated on them if you plan to be out at nighttime.

How to make

If you know how to sew, you can custom make a rain poncho that fits your own measurements and needs.  Check out this video from the Adapting Creatively blog on making your own poncho!

Or get creative with what you have – Olesya Radushko uses a vest coat (since she is not able to get her arms into the arms of a coat very easily) and has a friend sew up the armholes to keep her warm!

Jelena Milosevic had a seamstress make her a coat made with 2 buttons to keep the coat closed and covering her but still allows for Jelena to use her arms if needed:

Nick Mahler uses a “Snuggie” to stay warm when in his wheelchair, which is basically a blanket with arms!