The WheelMate app is a free and simple way to find accessible restrooms and parking spaces when planning your day or on the go.



Finding clean, wheelchair-accessible restrooms and parking can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting out and doing the things you want to do. Whether you are spending the day locally or traveling somewhere new, WheelMate can help you plan your day or help you in an urgent situation by showing you an overview of the nearest public conveniences. This free app can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices and uses standard GPS technology to geolocate your device and show you accessible restrooms and parking spaces that have been rated and uploaded by other users. WheelMate currently maps more than 35,000 locations across 45 countries and has been downloaded by nearly 17,000 users worldwide. As more people download and contribute to the app, an increase in accessible locations will be available for an ever-changing and improved experience.


Where to purchase

Apple App Store - FREE - WheelMate for iOS
Google Play Store - FREE - WheelMate for Android