Wiping Tools/Toileting Wands are adaptive tools that can be used to grip toilet paper and extend your reach when wiping.


Wiping tools can assist with your personal hygiene when reaching is difficult.  There are many different styles and brands on the market, and it will take shopping around and trial and error to find one that works for you and your specific FOP mobility restrictions.  Although slightly different in lengths and angles, each wiping tool typically has a gripper to hold the toilet paper and a way to release the paper without having to touch it. Here are a few that the FOP community has tried and recommended:

The LONG REACH COMFORT WIPE is 15 inches and slightly angled, with a soft head that grips the toilet paper. The other end of the tool has a unique release button for fast, sanitary disposal of the used tissue into the toilet. 

The BOTTOM BUDDY is an 11-inch curved wand with a rounded head that uses a retractable “tulip petals” design to grip tissue securely. There is a button for no-touch release of the tissue.

The JUVO TOILET AID is an 18-inch wand with clamp-style head that holds the paper when you squeeze the trigger on the handle, and then there is a release button to dispose of the tissue.  The Juvo comes with a cover for the clamps.

The FREEDOM WAND is a 14-inch wand, however they sell 4-inch extensions for purchase separately to make the wand 18, 22 or 26 inches long, making it the longest wiping tool on the market.  The Freedom wand has 4 gripping tips that act like a claw to hold tissue or wipes, and there is a sliding release button.

The MADDAK wiping tool has the largest angle of any wiping tool on the market for those who may need more angle for hard to reach areas. Tissue is placed around the angled clamp on the lower portion of the device and discarded by pressing a release button.

SAMMONS PRESTON 18-INCH TONGS are an alternative tool to the other wiping tools that have release buttons.  These tongs require you to maintain your grip on the handle to hold the tissue in place, which may not be easy for most people with FOP.  However, this design may work for some because of the very slim design that would more easily fit between the legs.  The tongs also come in 2 smaller sizes: 15-inch and 12-inch.

The ETAC TOILET AID is a simple spring clamp design that is about 13-inches long diagonally. The spring clip holds the tissue and you simply squeeze the handle to open.  Again, this may be a harder tool for some individuals with FOP if they have poor grip strength, but it also does have a slimmer design if legs are permanently positioned close together.


Wiping aids can hold toilet paper, tissues, or pre-moistened wipes. If using pre-moistened wipes, be conscious of the environment and choose the flushable biodegradable options.  If you purchase a tool such as the Freedom Wand that can also hold razors or body scrubbers, do not also use the same tool for toileting – it is recommended to have a separate tool that is designated only for toileting to prevent cross-contamination.  Use a hook placed near the toilet to hang your wiping tool nearby for easy access and be sure to clean and sterilize it often.

Where to purchase

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