Air-Free floatation device that keeps head above water and allows more freedom for the body to move.


Floating and spending time in the water is a wonderful activity for those with FOP. Even though mobilty restrictions may prevent someone from swimming independently, the simple act of immersing in water past your chest with your head out can have positive health benefits on the heart, lungs, joints, pain and inflammation.

Isla doesn’t care about the health benefits as much as her parents do, she just wants to swim independently! Isla is seen here wearing the Mambobaby® which is a floatation device that supports the swimmer underneath the chin and head, allowing the body to move more freely in the water. This type of floatation device may also be easier for someone with FOP to wear compared to floaties that fit under the arms or between the legs (body areas that may be immobile and have very limited space due to FOP).

Isla was able to fit in the Mambobaby® based on her weight, but if you are looking for a similar air-free neck floatation device for older children, teens or adults, take a look at the Ability Toolbox Online Guidebook post for the Kiefer Adult Swim Collar!

Check out Isla’s first exprience with her Mambobaby® – she had so much fun she didn’t want to take it off!  Way to go Isla!




  •  If you need to clean the float, open the zipper on the cover, take off the cover and wash it by hand. The zipper can not run smoothly on the surface so slowly pull the ziper puller to prevent damage when removing. The liner only needs to be rinsed with water.
  • Hang the neck float after each use, and keep it cleaned and dried at a low temperature every three days. Low temperature drying is required after each cleaning to avoid mildew.


While air-free floatation devices (such as Mambobaby®) are safer than the air-filled blow-up versions, they do not take the place of adult supervision in the water. Parents should still be present in the pool with their child when swimming with a floatation device to monitor for safety.

Where to purchase

Mambo Baby Float website - Neck Ring Float